Welcome Post!

Hey! Syed here.

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything in this page. I’ve been a little busy.

You know running a company takes a lot of energy but I’ve decided I’ll write something here everyday.

Just to let you guys know that this website is not anymore just a food and fitness websiite but a general blog.

  • I’ll write reviews of movies I watch, l malls I go to, the food I eat, the book I read
  • I’ll share my opinions on political matters and general world view
  • This blog will be about me It will be me
  • The Business Lessons I’ve learned and the marketing Genius I am
  • How I’m Planning on expanding it

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If any of you guys are here in Delhi NCR You might also get exclusive deals for restaurants. but for that, you have to sign up for an email list where I’ll send you the deals and exclusive offers.

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PS I’m starting an online grocery store for people in NOIDA Sector 93 and area surrrounding this sector

Products offered will be at prices even lower than Grofers or BigBasket

see you soon

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