Weight loss myths

hey there! in this blog I’ll be sharing some of the common weight loss myths and I’m going to debunk them for you. There are n number of weight loss tips going around in the internet, not all of them are true. Some of them are vague and nothing but just bro science. I seriously suggest you stop believing them as fast as possible before its too late.

Before going too deep into these myths its important for you to know what can happen if you don’t stop believing these myths.

What will happen?

1) You will not be able to achieve your goals: when i say this I’m serious about it. Believing these myths of weight loss and following them will not only hamper your progress but will also help you in not achieving your goals.

2) May impact on your health: Some of the weight loss myths floating online can cause serious damage to your health.

3) Take away all your motivation: When you don’t get your results instead you start having sever health impacts due to these unwanted weight loss myths. The first thing that will happen, you will loose all your motivation to come down to gym and workout.

4) You will end up spending tons on money: Now you may think how can some myths will end me up on spending tons of money. The health effects caused by these myths of weight loss can be severe and your doctor visits would be frequent.

Now lets get down to these weight loss myths.

  1. Supplements can help you reduce weight: This is one of the most common weight loss myths around the fitness community. This needs to be debunked. First you need to understand the meaning of supplement. Supplement is something which we use in place of something. If you start taking your fat burner and still eating shit throughout the day and you are in caloric excess. I’m sorry to inform you my friend, you will not loose a single pound. Instead you will just gain extra pounds. Try doing your regular workout and cardio and stick to natural food. (If you need a diet plan comment down or ping me up in my social media profile)
  2. All type of calories are same: Its is a common myth among gym newbies and it is important to debunk these weight loss myth. Calories are the measuring unit of food. So the calories you get from eating junk food wont be the same as eating 100g of grilled chicken breast. When trying to lose weight try to stick to a healthy sustainable diet plan.
  3. Using steroids is not bad for health: All the myths related to steroids are bunked. Steroids are something that you should avoid at all cost. Using steroid will not only reduce your natural testosterone production but can also lead to impotency. Steroids are also linked with severe health issues.
  4. Carbs will lead to weight gain: This is partly a myth. You guys need to understand the difference between good carbs and bad carbs. Good carbs will have lots of soluble fiber and will take time to get digested. Whereas in the case of bad carbs like French fries and other stuff they lack soluble fiber and get digested easily and they also have lots of calories within them.
  5. You can reduce fat from a specific body part: Well the internet is flooded with tips to reduce belly fat but it is important to debunk or bust this myth. You cannot burn body fat only from one targeted region. Body fat can be reduced in an overall manner. (also check out http://ifoodnfitness.com/weight-loss-promoting-food/ to know about the food that will help you in weight loss)
  6. Eating fat will lead to increase in body fat: You will find that most of the gym trainers across the world will ask you to stop having fats. They say that eating fat will lead to fat gain. Man! this is nothing but just a freaking weight loss myth going around for ages. You need to know that there are two kind of fat 1) Good fats 2) bad fat. The fat stored in your belly and and other body parts is the bad fat. To remove that fat you need to eat the good fats. Good fat also helps in production of testosterone.

So all the myths regarding weight loss have been debunked and been busted. I hop[e you will stop following these myths and save yourself from the harm. also checkout https://www.myprotein.com/thezone/nutrition/ they have also debunked some of the most common myths going around.

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