Things I’ve Learned Since I Started My First Business Venture

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I started my first venture back in my collage days.

It was an internet Business. I used to sell Pakistani suits on a website called “” you won’t find that website today if you search for it. The Domain expired this December. It was a successful venture I made more than I Invested and Worked only when I wanted to.

Now, I’m In Noida have started another company called ZFM Enterprises. We provide groceries to the HORECA Industry and we are growing in revenue.

During this short stint as an Entrepreneur I’ve learned quite a few things that I can share with you and if you’re applying it in your business that might help you too.

Either Be Very Niche Or Have Everything

This means either specialize on one thing in such a level that you’re the best in your field or have soo much that people don’t have to go to someone else to shop.

Be Persistent

I’ve worked in both the markets. B2B and B2C both. One thing which is common in both these markets is, Persistence is rewarded with both sales and negotiations.

With the B2C customers, you have to show up almost anywhere and everywhere to build trust so someone can give you their money for the Value you provide.

With B2B market you rarely make any sales on the first meeting. You have to keep on following up even after you make the sale to retain the customer.

Homework Matters

Homework is the most important thing in any business. Unlike our school homework or college assignment this homework ain’t boring but sure it is time consuming

You have to know what’s happening in the market. What are your competitors up to and also know about the customers and have to be one step ahead of them

When You Go Out In Sales You’re Not a SalesPerson.

When you go out in sales you’re not a sales person but go out as a Business Development Executive and a Human Being.

In the Beginning on ZFM enterprises, out of my nervousness I became more like an audiotape. I remembered a few lines and uttered that out in front of prospects and the result was shit.

Then after reading a few books and gaining some confidence I went there to make new friends and started making sales and also made new friends.

Value = Money

The more value I Provided to a person the more sales I got.

Value is nothing more than identifying needs of your prospects and then fulfilling those needs in the best possible way.

The only way to find out anyone’s need is too ask questions and to be genuinely interested in someone.

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If You have any questions feel free to comment down below and you may even share your learnings or thoughts.

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