The Best South Indian Restaurant in Noida

This year has seen its share of ups and downs. I started this year in Kolkata but will be ending this year in Noida and to end this year in a good note I wanted to have a good hefty South Indian Meal and what better place than Dasaprakash.

Dasaprakash is one of the best South Indian Restaurants in Noida having multiple branches all over this well planned city.


I went with the family I’ve hear aka my uncle, aunt and my cousin.

I had Masala Dosa and Chocolate Milkshake. (If I’m not ordering anything chocolate then its not me)

The Dosa was well prepared and was quite different than what I’m used to. I mean the potato (Alu aka masala) was given in a different bowl instead of being stuck with the dosa but…… it tasted god damn good.

The main thing about Dosa is the chutnies. I mean the chutney is super important for any dosa and for me it make or brakes the dosa.

The Chutney they provided was great and being in the food business I know what quality of ingredients are used in food. The spicy chutney was made from the best sundried tomatoes and unlike most dosa restaurants or stalls they were not being cheap they used only roasted chana daal in the yellow chutney and not mixed coconut in it instead they gave a separate coconut chutney bowl.

The coconut chutney was so good that I ate half the chutney without my dosa

The chocolate milkshake was good(normal) just like a milkshake is supposed to be so nothing much to write about that.

My uncle had sambar idli vada and I didn’t get a response from him so won’t be able to tell his review and my aunt and cousin has plain dosa and that was same to mine I just has (alu)masala extra otherwise it remains same.


The ambiance of the Dasaprakash is nice. It gives you the feel good vibe and they have quite professional staff.

Place is clean af!


A nice and cozy place to have great South Indian food. Food tastes good and I didn’t click any picture there because i was short on battery but the next time i go there I’ll be fully charged.

See you next time.

If you know any place in Noida I should go to have some food then let me know in the comments and I’ll try to be there

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