How To Reduce Belly Fat

Hey there! I’m here to help you to complete your new year getting rid of that ugly belly fat. Before getting started let us know how and what leads to the accumulation of this belly fat. Then we will get to answer how to reduce belly fat.

The food products we eat gives us energy and that energy is measured in terms of calories. In the way we get energy by eating food we also consume these energy by doing our day to day work. that is also measured in terms of calories. When we continuously consume more calories than the total total calories we spend our body ends up saving this calories in our bodies as fats.

Some tips to reduce belly fat

  1. Consume less calories than the total calories burned in a day: When we consume less calories than the total calories burned throughout the day, our body is forced to use the stored fats as the source of energy. This would lead to decrease in total body fat.
  2. Engage in some physical activity: When we engage in some sort of physical activity then we spend more calories than any other day when we do less or no physical activity. If we end up spending more calories than the calories consumed we will loose your belly fat that is my promise.
  3. Replace sugar with better alternatives: Sugar is an item which is addictive just like tobacco. The processed sugar used in our homes contain lots of fructose. Fructose is linked with several chronic diseases and also with increase in abdominal fat. Stevia and jaggery are some of the better alternative to sugar.
  4. Have a high protein diet: Protein is one thing which is highly missing or is very low in Indian diets. Protein gives the feeling of fullness for a long time. This leads to lower calorie intake throughout the day. Protein consumption also promotes the muscle building process, It also helps to maintain the muscle mass, The more muscle a body has the more calories it will consume throughout the day.
  5. Stop eating refined wheat(maida): Refined wheat (maida) have lots of calories but have no nutritional value. These calories ends up being stored as fat which will help in increasing belly fat.
  6. Have more soluble fibre: Soluble fibre absorbs water and forms a kind of a gel. This helps reduce the speed of food going down to your digestive system and makes you feel full for a longer time. Feeling full for a longer time reduces caloric intake and studies have shown that a soluble fibre reduces total calorie absorbed.

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