NoFap: The Pathway To God Mode

For some of you NoFap maybe a new term. So, I’ll be blunt and give you the meaning of this may be new term, Nofap is the process of stoping yourself from masturbating.

Believe me this NoFap is the pathway to God Mode.

What do I mean by god mode?

God Mode is that mode of you where you’re the best you can be. You have unwavering confidence, you start speaking up for yourself, have a photogenic memory and much more benefits.

Who needs to follow NoFap?

If you’ve been like me who has been watching porn for quite some time and is quite accustomed to masturbating NoFap is for you.

Let me tell you this one time this is not going to be easy!

Why do you need this?

Masturbating is quite common these days among teenagers, they consider it okay unless you’re talking about it in public like I am right now. But this ain’t right.

It has lots of side effects and the worse one is losing self-confidence and it being as addictive as being on drugs. It also alters your dopamine (the feel-good hormone) release.

Releases a lot of it for a split second and then vanishes. Lets understand this with an example.

Meeting with new people will release 10g of dopamine, going out for adventure will release 20g of dopamine and pushing your physical limits will release 40g of dopamine but masturbating, watching porn and ejaculating will release 40-50g of dopamine at once without getting out of your bed, without meeting new people and without the hard work of pushing your physical limits.

The worst part of this being, your brain gets the hang of it pretty easily and the amount of dopamine release gets lower over time, and to get that amount of dopamine you start masturbating more than once a day and you get addicted.

Over long period of time this leads to many problems

  1. You start to view the opposite gender as a sex machine and not as a human
  2. Your ability to focus and learn reduces
  3. Paying attention to something is very difficult for you
  4. You start having low self-esteem and avoid talking to people
  5. Your stamina goes down
  6. You even lose a part of a creative you
  7. Testosterone level becomes very low
  8. Dullness starts to set in

and much more

How can NoFap help?

NoFap is the process where you stop watching porn, masturbating and ejaculation.

This video on YouTube will tell you the benefits of NoFap in a way which you might be interested in Click here to watch

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