How to lose weight fast?

Hey there, you have been trying to lose weight, you want to speed up your transformation! In this blog I’ll be sharing some tips on how to lose weight fast. Losing weight is easy. You just need to find out how much calories you are spending and then consume less calories(by eating healthy food) than spent.

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In this post I’m sharing things I have done to lose 20 kgs of extra fat. You see there are many ways to lose fat, in most of the ways you have to start.

I hate starving. Starving is just not my thing, even though i have tried intermittent fasting (you can check my blog on intermittent fasting by clicking on this link https://ifoodnfitness.com/intermittent-fasting/) So starving is not in my list of weight loss tips, even though you’ll be staying in caloric deficit.

Weight Loss Process

The process of weight loss is really simple. There are some simple steps need to follow to lose weight and believe me it’s really easy.

Before going into the steps first we would want to know how do we lose weight.

Whatever we eat throughout the day gives us energy and that energy is measured in terms of calories. Similarly when we are doing something or even if we are sleeping we spend energy this is also counted in terms of calories.

So when the total energy expenditure is more than the total energy consumed we lose weight. Present simple. Now let’s get into to the process of weight loss.

  • Step 1: You need to to find out your caloric expenditure
  • Step 2: start tracking your meals. You are not supposed to skip any meal.
  • Step 3: Reduce reduce your calorie consumption by 200 to 300 calories per day.
  • Step 4: Replace all the processed food with natural ones.
  • Step 5: Divide each of your meals in the proportion of 4:4:2. The 4 and 4 will be protein and good carbs and 2 will be fats.
  • Step 6: Stay hydrated.
  • Step 7: Get your fair proportion of sleep
  • Step 8: If you are not changing your lifestyle these 5 steps should be enough but if you are changing your lifestyle I would recommend to start exercising.

You can find out your total calorie expenditure by using any of the calorie calculator out there in internet.

The best sources of carbs would be whole grain wheat, oats, quinoa, sweet potato, brown rice and brown bread.

The best sources of proteins would be chicken breast, lean beef, eggs, paneer, Soya and Soya products, lentils.

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Tips To Lose Weight

Eat more Proteins

Yes, to lose weight you need to eat more proteins. The calories in proteins equals the calories present in carbs. So whats the difference in protein in carbs?

Carbs or to be specific simple carbs get absorbed easily by the body. Incase of proteins, proteins take some time to get absorbed, it keeps you full for longer periods.

Proteins not only keep you full for longer period of time, they also help in building new muscle and repair the tissues. When you workout your body faces micro muscle tears, your body uses proteins to repair these tears and build new muscle.

The more muscle you’ll have the more fat you will be burning throughout the day.

So how do you find out how much protein you need to have in a day? Convert your bodyweight from lbs to kg and then multiply it by 1.7, the amount you get is the amount of protein you need to consumer in a day.

Cut Out On Sugar

This is the only thing i will ever ask you to cut or totally remove it from your diet.

Sugar has an addictive property in it. Too much consumption of sugar is same as consuming any drug.

the refined sugar we use in our day to day life is no good. It is nothing more than blank calorie and an invitation to various kind of disease. Today the sauses and health drinks being marketed as healthy is also filled with this unwanted sugar.

Sugar may give pleasure to your tongue for awhile but it does no good for your body. Too much consumption of sugar in long run can do some serious damage to your brain.

Just cutting back on sugar will give you considerable results in no time.

Drink more Water

I don’t think i need to talk much on this topic. A major portion of our body is water.

Water helps in remove the unwanted fat and toxins from body. It also keeps you hydrated which helps in lifting heavy in gym.

Remember Hydration is the key to every thing.

Lift Heavy Thrice a Week

Lifting heavy is important for weight loss. Different people have different reviews on lifting heavy for less reps and lifting light weights for more reps.

When you lift heavy muscle tears happen and then your body spends more energy to rebuild these torn muscle. If you’re in caloric deficit then the body will use fat as energy source to rebuild these muscle.

When you lift heavy then you burn more of the energy you have stored from eating carbs. The moment your carbs energy is drained then your body will start using fat as energy source and start burning fat.

Include Good Fat in your Diet

Have you heard the phrase “loha hi lohe ko kaata hai” if not then you might have surely heard this “hira hi here ko katta hai”

in the same way fat cut fats.

Just like human beings there are two kind of fats. The good fat and the bad fat.

Normally what we eat is bad fat and we need to replace it with good fats. Some sources of good fat is avocados, nuts and nut butters, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil. For many olive oil will be quite expensive thing to buy you can buy olives instead of olive oils .

Track your Meals And Stay In Caloric Deficit

Now when you have started eating more proteins, you’ve cut down on sugar and your’e drinking more water now its time for you to tracks your meals.

Tracking your meals will help you in knowing what you are eating. You know how much calories you are consuming now its time for you to cut down on calories a bit.

I would not recommend you to cut down on proteins instead cut down on carbs a bit. The reason for this is, our body do not convert proteins into fat but it does so with carbs. The extra energy which is coming in from carbs gets converted into fats.

The moment you get in a caloric deficit you start to lose body weight and body fat. Make sure you don’t cut more than 200-250 calories a day. Otherwise you might feel a bit dizzy.

Get Your Fair Share Of Sleep

Getting your fair share of sleep is very important to lose weight fast.

Working out and proper diet alone isn’t enough alone. By working out you force your muscle to break down, by proper diet you give your body the fuel to recover.

But when will your body recover? Your body starts and runs efficiently the recovery process when you’re sleeping. So get your fair share of 8 hours of sleep.

Conclusion + A free sample diet plan

So these are the things that i have done to lose 20kg of body weight. This is how I’ve gone from 84kg to 64kg. This has worked for me and will work for you too, you just need to give it some time.

Every body reacts differently because every body has different caloric needs. So follow this plan according to your caloric needs.

Google is full of caloric calculator use any of it to find out how much calories you need to consume in a day.

Free Diet Plan For a Day To Loose Weight Fast


  • 1 whole egg+3 egg whites and spinach
  • 1 chapati


  • Fruits
  • Dry fruits


  • 200g of grilled chicken
  • 100g of daal
  • 100g of rice
  • 100g of veggies

Evening snack: upma or any fruit


  • 200g of low fat paneer
  • 100g of Greek yogurt
  • 2 chapati

Consume protein shake before and after workout this will help in recovering fast. To buy Original protein supplements you can buy it from amazon by clicking on the link below

  1. Optimum Nutrition: https://amzn.to/2MAsa30
  2. Muscleblaze: https://amzn.to/2OHWNpR

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