How to Gain Weight

Hey there! My name is Syed. In this blog I’ll be talking about how to gain weight. In India and many other countries people are underweight, malnourished, it is important for them to know what it is? how to start gaining weight the healthy way? So tell me how do we gain weight? The answer is simple, we gain weight when we are in caloric surplus. This basically means when we consume more energy than we spend.


  1. What is weight gain?
  2. Types of weight gain.
  3. Which one is better way to gain weight?
  4. Food that promotes weight gain.

What is Weight Gain?

Weight gain is the increase in body weight. This can involve weight gain due to increase in muscle mass, increase in body fat percentage, increase in fluids and other reasons. It can also be a cause of some serious medical condition.

Types of weight gain.

Weight gain can be of two types the healthy and the unhealthy. So whats the difference between healthy and unhealthy weight gain? When we talk about healthy gains we mean the addition of muscle mass in our body. Addition of muscle mass is certainly the better way of gaining mass. When we talk about unhealthy weight gain then we mean addition of unhealthy body fat.(tips on how to avoid unhealthy body fat are given in http://ifoodnfitness.com)

Which one is the better way to gain weight?

Obviously the healthy way is the better way. When you try to start gaining weight the healthy way, you try to add muscle mass to your body and also a bit of body fat. How do you start gaining weight the healthy way? To start gaining weight the healthy way firstly you have to make sure you’re in caloric surplus. While being in caloric surplus you also have to make sure you stay in it by eating the right food. The best protein:carbs proportion for gaining is 1:2. This means you need to eat 2g of carbs for each gram of protein. Secondly you also have to workout, i.e. you need to lift weights. See, when you lift weights, you make micro tears in your muscles and to repair those muscle tears our body adds some muscle. You see our body is smart, it does so by thinking then when again you have to lift this kind of weight your muscles don’t tear up. Gaining muscles the healthy way will not only benefit you by becoming strong but also by giving you a good shape and an athletic figure.

Gaining weight the unhealthy way is also an option for many people. Let me tell you this gaining weight the unhealthy way has consequences. You can only gain fat by eating shit and by doing nothing and to be precise unhealthy body fat. This unhealthy body fat will make you face consequences. Consequences like heart attack, blood sugar and other things. I’m sure you don’t wan to try this method. So try to avoid samosas, pizza, processed meat, wheat and other unhealthy stuff.

Foods that promotes weight gain.

In this world if there are foods that help in fat loss then there are also foods that help you gain weight in healthy way. But there is one key point, even though the foods i’ll be listing are healthy foods but too much consumption can lead to the side effects. You need to count your calories and make sure that you do not exceed the caloric surplus by more than 200kacl.

  1. Milk: Milk is being used as a muscle gainer or muscle builder for decades now. It is packed with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  2. Rice: Rice is one of the great source of good carbs, a cup of rice is packed with 193 calories and 48g of carbs.
  3. Nuts: Nuts are a good source of protein and fats. just a handful of almonds can provide you with 7g of protein and almost 18g of fats. The fat present is nuts are good fats and you can consume it as evening or afternoon snack.
  4. Red Meat: This is one of the excellent source of food for gaining. Red meat contains all the essential amino acids that helps in proper protein synthesis. It also contains fats, the fatty the meat is the more calories you consume. (This part of the blog is taken as a reference from http://healthtline.com)
  5. Weight Gainers: Weight Gainers can help you pack some calories. A scoop of weight gainer is full of right amount of protein, carbs and fats. These are some of the great weight gainers that i would recommend.

My Take

My take on it would be try to use the healthy way. Using unhealthy way anyone can gain weight but that has got some serious consequences. I would also recommend to not to use weight gainers. Have gainers only as a lender of last resort, only if you are unable to eat.

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