EGGS 101

Hi there, I’m syed. Today in this blog post I’m going to give you all the information you need to know about eggs. This is the ultimate eggs 101;-)

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Eggs are one of the few wonder foods of the world. It is not only rich in protein but also have fatty acids that help in weight loss. There are many things going around internet about eggs lets know the trues ones.

Benefits Of Eggs

when you talk about eggs there are many benefits. I’ll be listing top 5 benefits of eggs and give you the reasons why you should have eggs daily.

  1. Source of protein: Eggs are a great source of protein. A regular sized egg is full with 6 grams of protein and the bio-availability of eggs is 100%. This makes eggs one of the best sources of protein.
  2. Increases HDL: the egg yolk have cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol the good cholesterol(HDL) and the bad cholesterol(LDL). The cholesterol present in egg yolk is good cholesterol or the HDL. This good cholesterol helps in fat loss by reducing the bad cholesterol.
  3. Increases testosterone: Testosterone is the male growth hormone, you need testosterone to build muscle and loose fat. The Egg yolk is rich in cholesterol, cholesterol is the element which is responsible for producing testosterone.
  4. Reduces chances of heart attack: All eggs are not created equal. It depends on how the hens were fed and raised. The best quality eggs also have omega 3 fatty acids. This Omega 3 fatty acid help in reduction of  triglycerides. For heart disease Triglycerides is a well known risk factor. By reducing these triglycerides eggs also prevent heart attack.

Myths regarding eggs

Myths are one things that leaves none. There are myths for almost everything so there are myths for eggs also. Lets debunk these myths.

  1. Eggs can cause piles: Well piles is a problem for majority of Indians. It is cause by heavy lifting, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation and pregnancy. Many Indians link piles with consuming eggs. This is a total myth and piles does not have any connection with having eggs. Piles patients are not allowed to have fried food, avoid omelette in-place use boiled eggs.
  2. Eggs give you acne: Over consumption of eggs and dehydration can give you acne. But here is the thing over consumption of anything is unhealthy, moderation is the key. Having 1-2 eggs a day will not give you acne.
  3. Egg yolks are unhealthy: This is one of the myths that is not only popular in household but also in fitness community. Egg yolk are not unhealthy, instead egg yolk contains any essentials minerals and fatty acids.
  4. Fertilized eggs have more protein: Fertilized eggs having more protein is also just a myth. There is no such reports which claims that fertilized eggs have more protein.

My take.

I would say there is nothing wrong in having eggs. Consider anything moderation is the key. They pack a lots of protein and also relatively cheaper than any other source of protein and the bio-availability of eggs makes it a perfect choice for a high protein food. Egg is also one of the cheapest source of protein and is affordable almost everyone. Having 2 eggs a day will not any harm. Consuming eggs will also help in completing the daily protein requirement and will also help in reducing weight. Follow my home workout plan http://ifoodnfitness.com/home-workout-plan/ feel free to message or mail for personalized training plan and online training plan.

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