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Hi, I Am Syed Fuzail Irshad

Hey, started my fitness journey in 2016. Back then I was in school. In school I was a fat 82 Kg guy and an introvert too! I was robbed off many opportunities due to not being presentable and introvert. By mid 2017 I was suppose to join my college and then I thought the things which happened with me in school should not happen to me in college so I’ve to change the way I look and Talk. So I took admission in a local Gym.

Well, I got a lot of bad advice and I was not being able to transform. I thought what should I do? I started reading books and started implementing what the book said and I started seeing Results. 

Since then I’ve Lost 25 Kg and Have helped many people transform and now I wan’t to help you too


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What I Do for Healthy Nutrition?

  • Develop meal plans
  • Nutritional science research
  • Clients health needs
  • Reports the patient progress
  • Make exercise plans