4 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan

Hello people, there are many ways to lose weight. The most efficient way to follow healthy diet, drinking efficient water, getting enough sleep and doing proper workout. Figuring out healthy diet plan is easy, sleep and water can be taken care of; the problem is with workout plan. In this blog post I’ve shared the exact Weight Loss Workout Plan. Btw I’ve shared a diet plan for weight loss this is free. If you want a more personalized diet chart, Workout Plan and one on one chat support then https://ifoodnfitness.com/product/basic-6-weeks-plan/ is a great place to start. Following the exact plan I’ve lost 2 kg in 2 weeks without compromising on my strength.


If you are one of the people who constantly changes your workout plans then brother/sister you need to listen to this advise You won’t lose weight this way, you have to give your workout plan sometime.

I bet you’ll love this workout plan but first things first. As mentioned earlier you need to have a healthy diet you can click on this link to check out https://ifoodnfitness.com/indian-diet-plan-for-weight-loss/. Here is another diet plan you can follow https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/indian-diet-weight-loss. You also need to drink lots and lots of water and keep yourself hydrated, you can check this article too. Getting quality sleep is very important to recover.

Guidelines for Weight Loss Workout Plan

  • Check out Workout plan before hitting the gym. You have to be mentally prepared for Whats coming up.
  • Have your pre-workout meal atleast 40 mins before hand.
  • Schedule your workouts for the upcoming week on your calendar and book your classes in advance
  • Schedule your workouts for the upcoming week on your calendar and book your classes in advance.
  • Remember and never forget why you started this process.
  • Remember healthy weight loss is gradual process.
  • Do- not compromise your sleep or your quality of food.

Workout Chart

Monday: Upper Body workout

In this workout we will focus on training the muscles of our upper body, i.e. Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulder and abs. Following each exercise the way it is given is important. Make sure to rest between sets for minimum of 60 seconds, also keep a bottle of water with you. All the exercises are to be done in drop set format and should be done in sets of 3.

  1. Chest press
  2. Incline chest press
  3. Bicep curls
  4. Ez bar curls
  5. Triceps extension
  6. Rope push down
  7. Push ups
  8. Pull ups
  9. Barbel deadlifts
  10. Barbell rows
  11. Shoulder press
  12. Arnold press

Tuesday: Cardio

Strength training is important for increasing your BMR, but the calorie burn payoff for high intensity cardio workout is more immediate. “Sprinting torches calories and gets the work done in a fraction of the time you’d spend jogging,” explains Rosante. This type of high-intensity interval training is especially effective because after skyrocketing your heart rate several times during a workout, your body uses more energy to get your body back to a resting state.

  • 30 seconds: Full-out sprint
  • 60 seconds: Moderate pace jog
  • Do this 12x

Wednesday: rest

Resting is important during this workout regime as your muscles are fatigue you need to give it time to recover. It is rest that makes you stronger, because it is the rest that allows the muscles that you have broken down to heal and recover. It is the rest that allows you to recover so you can be strong, and thereby handle the increased weight, and increased number of sets and reps needed to gain further

Thurday: Lower body

This workout is specifically for your lower body. Your legs are quite big muscles and they need to be fatigued properly. In this lower body workout we will target hamstrings, thighs, Glutes and calves. Following each exercise the way it is given is important. Make sure to rest between sets for minimum of 60 seconds, also keep a bottle of water with you. All the exercises are to be done in drop set format and should be done in sets of 3.

  1. Back squats
  2. Front squats
  3. Leg press
  4. Hack squats(v pointed)
  5. Stiff leg deadlift
  6. Calves raises (seated, standing)

Friday: Cardio

what is cardio? Any activity which makes your heartbeat faster. Doing cardio will burn more calorie in any given time.

  1. Rope battle
  2. Cycling
  3. Tyre flips
  4. Mountain climber

Saturday: Rest

As said earlier, rest is important to recover, lose fat and gain strength.

Sunday: Cardio

I know you don’t want to do this but you have to do. Since this is a Sunday and this is a 4 week plan unlike the 6 and 8 week plan you have to put in more efforts. Today you have to do cardio twice once in morning and one at night.

Point to Remember

  • Proteins should constitute 40% of your diet
  • Carbs should be 40% of your diet
  • Fats should be 20% of your diet
  • Lifting heavy every week
  • You cannot skip any thing and you have to push yourself
  • You’ve started this to take yourself to the next level and you can do it
  • Proper diet is important

Importance of Protein

Protein is the building block of muscles.

It is a macro-nutrient that is commonly found in animal products though it is also present in other sources such as nuts and legumes.

When we are doing this kind of intense workout through out the week our body will start to tear down we would ant to recover fast so we can be at the top of the game the next day. This where protein comes into play.

Since protein is the building block of muscle it will help our body to build new muscle tissue faster.

Common Sources Of Protein:

  1. Beef
  2. Chicken breast
  3. Fish
  4. Cottage cheese
  5. Nuts
  6. Legumes
  7. Milk
  8. Soy

Importance of Carbs

Carbs are the main source of energy for our body.

Carbohydrates are the sugars, starches and fibers found in fruits, grains, vegetables and milk products.

Well! there are two types of carbs the good carbs and the bad carbs. I would not recommend you people to have the bad carbs and try to avoid them as much as possible! Seriously, not good for you.

Common sources of good Carbs:

  1. Oats
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Chick peas
  4. Quinoa
  5. Vegetables
  6. Sweet Potato

Importance of Fats

Fat is also of two types

Its important to have good fats and use good oils as the sources of fats.

fats ensure optimal brain function and other body parts stays normal. Avoid using refined oil for cooking instead go for kacchi ghani or the better cold pressed natural version.

Importance of lifting heavy

Be it weight loss or weight gain programme lifting heavy is super important. Lift heavy ensures that your muscles are going to the extreme conditions and breaking effectively. Remember there is a difference between heavy lifting and ego lifting.

Here I’m asking you to lift heavy and not do ego lifting.

Importance of Proper diet

You an workout as much as you want but if you are not having a proper diet everything is kinda waste. Proper diet will help you recover well and ensure your body is working efficiently.

IF you want a customized workout chart and diet chart with proper guidance and support you can check out basic 6 week plan of mine.

Why even bother to lose weight?

Losing weight has its own set of advantages. It helps you look better, it reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease in some cases also reduces the risk of cancer. Follow this link to know some unsung benefits of weight loss.

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Following this workout and diet will ensure you your optimal health in 4 weeks. motivation, diet and workout all are important to get the body you desire.

(If you want to get a customized diet plan made only for you, to work for you which can give you results without impacting on your energy levels then checkout the IFF DIET PLAN. The diet plan is prepared by a certified dietitian and is customizable according to your budget and body type and goal Whilst you can follow this weight loss workout plan)

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