14 Simple Tips to be Healthy

Hey there, I’m Syed. In this blog i’ll give you top 14 diet and fitness tips that you need to know to lose weight and lead a healthy life. Follow these tips, let me know down in the comment how it worked for you.

The 14 Tips are:-

  1. Find tips that actually works: Internet is full of tips and tricks for losing weight and leading a healthy life. You need to find the tips that actually works and implement them in your life. Where do you find these tips that actually work, well http://ifoodnfitness.com is where you find tips that works.
  2. Drink more water: Human body is 70% water. It is important to drink water and be hydrated throughout the day. Being hydrated promotes healthy weight loss, will save you from fatigue and prevent you from having unnecessary calories.
  3. Relieve sore muscles: After a regular workout or jogging it is important to relieve those aching sore muscles. Relieving muscle soreness will help in better circulation of blood. To get rid of sore muscles you can get massages twice a week or even take cold baths after workouts.
  4. Use comfortable accessories: This is one of the greatest fitness tips of all time. Use only those accessories in which you are comfortable. You should certainly not buy accessories that kick your butt while working out. These are my top 3 in budget gym shoes. https://amzn.to/2MKvYAp https://amzn.to/2MOKtmG https://amzn.to/2TgKAsD
  5. Get a fitness buddy: Working out alone can be boring and it might also demotivate you. It is important for you to get a fitness buddy. Fitness Buddy will not only help you to workout regularly but also motivate you to push your limits.
  6. Find yourself perfect tunes: Jogging without music seriously sucks. You should find yourself some great music that will motivate you to push your limits. Jiosaavn, Spotify, Amazon prime music all have separate workout, jogging playlist you can check it out.
  7. Have Meals in Proportions: Having meals in proportion helps you to prevent yourself from over eating. Proportion meals also helps you to get your protein, carbs and fats proportion fulfilled. The best proportion is 45% protein, 35% carbs and 20% fats. (if you need a personalized diet plan leave a comment down bellow I’ll contact you)
  8. Have fruity ice cream sundae: The diet plan you follow should be sustainable. Fruity Ice cream sundae is a fitness food that will help you in sustaining your diet for long time.
  9. Try To Stay Away From Drinks: The cocktails, the sodas are full of sugars and you want to stay away from sugar when you want to lose weight. Instead go for lemonade or a simple orange juice.
  10. Plan Your Meals: I know you are a busy person. It is important to plan your day. Plan what will you wear, what will you eat and when you’ll eat. planning your meal is important. Most of you are either job goers or students, you have to reach office or college on time so most of you leave your breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and by no means you should skip.
  11. Have Your Cheat Days: Hey, you want a healthy lifestyle and there is no healthy lifestyle without the meals that can make you happy. It takes 3500 calories to build fat so have your cheat meals once a weak. Make sure you that you don’t end up eating too less the next day.
  12. Carry these: Whenever you go running make sure you carry these things with you. Have you fitness watch to track your time and distance. Keep you ipod or music player to pump you up.
  13. Knowing when to weight: You have been following the diet throughout the week and you have been regular in the gym now is the time to weight. When to weight is the question? The best time to weight is early in the morning when you just wake up. Here are some of the best weight machine you can buy to use it early in the morning. https://amzn.to/2Z9quBW https://amzn.to/2N3I0oM https://amzn.to/2Twq33a
  14. Level up your exercise: Now you have been working out for a while and you feel comfortable doing your part of workout. Now, is the time to level up your workout. Do you know how to level up your workout? If not comment down I’ll will personally help you level up.

These are my 14 diet and fitness tips. The above given tips are too simple, they are fucking simple and should be followed by you to be healthy.

This post is inspired by http://health.com


You’re only as good as your habits. If you use these tips to be healthy and include them in your day to day lifestyle then you’re bound to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

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