1200 Calorie Diet Plan to Lose weight

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Hey there, so you have decided to lose some weight why because now you want to look hot and sexy. You thinking how you can lose that extra fat? 1200 calorie diet plan is the best way to lose weight.

I’ve used it too.

A 1200 calorie diet plan is a diet plan in which you restrict your calories to 1200 only not more than that and not less than that. Let’s know more about it.

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Is your body prepared for 1200 Calorie Diet?

Before starting to any kind of diet plan you need to know is your body ready for it. 

You can find this out by looking up at your lifestyle.

What is the amount of activity you do in a day? By this I mean how much do you move in a day?

If you have a relatively inactive day i.e. you spend most of your time in office or classroom sitting and doing your work then this plan is for you.

How much do you normally eat in a day and what kind of food do you eat?

If you are consuming anywhere between 1900 to 2000 calories a day then the 1200 calorie diet plan suits you. This will help you and cutting down your fat percentage.

You are already into eating healthy 3 meals a day?

Yes, then it’s good for you you won’t be facing any problem following this low calorie diet.

If you’re not prone to eating healthy stuff you might have to change your eating habits.

This is all you need to find about yourself! If you want you can also consult a doctor before starting this diet plan.

Planning your day!

Planning is the key to success for everything.

For startup business you need to plan.

You wish to pass an examination you need a study plan.

Even if you want to succeed in life you need to have a life plan. Similarly to follow healthy lifestyle to follow our diet you need to plan your day.

In this planning you have to check that no bing eating is involved.

You also need to plan and figure out what food you will be eating, anything that will keep you full throughout the day in this low calorie diet. I have listed some of the best foods down below.

many of us eat for reasons other than hunger. We eat when we’re bored or nervous. We eat because something’s so delicious we just can’t get enough. Sometimes, we just eat because the food is right in front of us.

The main challenge you will be facing throughout the day in this diet plan is hunger.

To face this challenge instead of having three meals. You can have small small meals in different time of the day.

Consuming more of vegetables and food high in water content will help you in reducing your hunger pangs and will keep you full.

What food to eat?

We will be primarily eating all the three food groups protein, carbs and fats.

Chicken breast and fish would be our main source of protein because it is low in calories and high in protein.

In carbohydrates we will try to have more of vegetables and complex carbohydrates foods and brown rice. 

The reason for consuming more of complex carbohydrates is complex carbohydrates keeps us full for a long period of time.

This means you won’t get hungry as fast as you get hungry now and you will be consuming less calories.

We will also be eating lots and lots of vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and cabbage.

These vegetables are low in calorie and keep you full for long long period of time because most of their composition is just water.

Food like Salmon nuts and eggs can provide us with essential fats but for cooking purpose you will use pure mustard oil.

The reason I use pure mustard oil for all my cooking purpose is.

  • Pure mustard oil is a good source of fat.
  • It is on an equal level with olive oil or coconut oil
  • It it is relatively cheaper than olive oil and coconut oil

What Foods To Avoid

This diet plan is a very low calorie diet and there are some foods you would want to avoid.

All the foods made from refined flour, Having artificial sugar and preservatives fried foods.

These foods are very high in calorie and is highly unhealthy.

infographic of 1200 calorie diet plan
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How to create your own low calorie diet plan?

To create a diet plan on your own you should focus on adding all the food groups in your diet. 

Food groups include protein carbs and fat.

You can just simply do calculation check out the calories present in each and every food and then try to fitted in your 1200 calorie budget.

1 gram of protein gives 4 calories

1 gram of Carbohydrates give you 4 calories

1 gram of fat gives you 9 calories.

After knowing this matrix you can just find out which food contains how much of the these micronutrients and just forget it in your 1200 calorie budget. 

You also need to focus on meal timings.

You can also find tons and tons off free diet plan out their on internet and mine one will be listed below.

If you want me to create a diet plan for you to create a workout chart for you and if you want me to personally help you out in achieving your results be it fat loss or weight gain be sure to check out basic 6 week plan.

Importance of Hyderation!

Be it any kind of our diet plan or even if you are not following a diet plan hydration is very important. 

If You are not hydrated you might feel fatigued very early and will lose the motivation to continue with this 1200 calorie diet plan. 

Fluids won’t satisfy hunger, but they’ll make you feel you’re full.

They’re an important part of a healthy daily regimen.

People often eat because they’re thirsty, not hungry, at least I used to do it when I was in school. 

I don’t know if you’ll believe me but in school I used to eat a lot and when I say a lot I really mean a lot, lot.

Drink first, wait a few minutes, and then go ahead and eat if you’re still hungry.

Sample 1200 calorie diet plan


  • 100g oats cooked with milk(141 kacl)
  • 142g grilled chicken breast (214 kacl)

Morning snack

  • Apple


  • 1.5 katori brown rice (193 kacl)
  • 150g fish curry (116 kacl)
  • 100g Boiled broccoli (34 kacl)

Evening snack

  • Fruit salad
    • Or
  • Nuts


  • 2 whole wheat chapati (170 kacl)
  • 150g Matar paneer (118 kacl)


The 1200 calorie diet plan is is almost for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

When following this diet plan, you will feel the cravings in beginning but then you will get accustomed to it.

This is the time when you will realize how bad you wish to achieve our weight loss goals.

I would not recommend anyone having any kind of medical condition go for this kind of low calorie diet without consultation from doctor.

If you have followed it be sure to tell me how did this work for you in the comments bellow.

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