Easy Upma Recipe

Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve given you a recipe. So, here is a recipe for one of my most loved dishes Upma. This is an easy Upma recipe. Upma is one dish which I give to almost all people who come to me asking what food to eat to lose weight.

The upma recipe is simple and easy! It can be made at home with simple ingredients available at home. Please share this recipe on your social media profile to get a free gift.

Seriously, you don’t need any fancy stuff to cook upma.


  1. Oil (1 table spoon)
  2. Salt (According to taste)
  3. Curry leaves (Hand Full)
  4. Sooji or Semolina (4 table spoon)
  5. Lime Juice (Optional)

Actual Upma Recipe

First start with heating the pan. Heat the pan until it is quite hot, in India we’re not quite a big fan of measuring temperature using machines.

Indian dishes are cooked using intuition.

Once the pan is hot, add Sooji or Semolina and roast it. Roast it until it is light brown, now add water to the pan and add salt according to taste. Stir it for a min

Now is the time to put in curry leaves, wash your curry leaves and add it into upma. Stir it for a minute or two and your Upma is ready.

Personally, I don’t like adding lime juice to my upma but if you want you can add it before consuming it (after turning off the gas flame)


Well, Upma is one of my favorite dish and I’ve just shared the recipe how i love it and now you have the recipe too.

Use it, cook it, have it and share it.

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